Thursday, November 8, 2007

Here's some shots from Calarada... (Colorado for all you New Englanders!!!) We had the greatest time visiting Chris' sister Erlen and her husband Andrew. If you've seen my wedding website, you'll see some shots from their sept. 29th wedding that I had the pleasure of photographing! I've been to many places in CO, but never Denver so Andrew took us to the Hyatt... the spot to see it all at once and still be able to sit down and have a drink. The city was so quiet you would think there was 6 ft of fresh snow on the ground, but it was a silent excitement as the CO Rockies played in their first ever home game in the world series against the Red Sox of course! What a pivotal time for Chris and I to visit!!!

the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company across the street... how cool is that!

such city spirit...

we had the coolest cab drivers! It was so easy to catch a cab, it was the calm before the storm... everyone had the game on, the restaurants, bars, coffeehops... clothing stores... places were packed!

Chris, Erlen and Andrew talking truck talk

yea! Kisses!

for everyone!

thanks E+A... (most killer chili flatbread EVER!!!) You guys rock!

our first taste of fall and our last look at their sweet home!

this is such a long story, such a long, long story... chris took these pictures... ask him!

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Hey all, I've posted a new gallery from Santa Fe, there's so much creativity here, you can't look in any direction without seeing some art. And so much history of it too. This city so stole my heart, I think I shed a tear when I left! Alright, short post, we've got to hit the road! Enjoy! feel free to share and leave some comments!

I love these guys! How cool are they?
Does anyone know this strange man?

a seatbelt bag, talk about recycled! so awesome!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

santa fe

well, no new photos on this post either, but the next one is going to be a big one again! We're in Santa Fe, New Mexico visiting our friends Ben and Laura. This city is so beautiful, it resonates with so much creative energy... so inspiring. I definately can't wait to post the shots from Chris and I exploring some of the oldest buildings in the country. Ben and Laura totally rock our world and we couldn't have imagined a better time in the southwest. Thanks so much guys.

more photos soon.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


hey now everyone
thankyou all for checking out our sight. Right now we are in Denver seeing my sister. I cant believe we're in town for the red socks-rockies game. Andrew has tickets for monday if it goes that long. We almost went to the game last night, sat, but the tickets fell thru. It's almost nice to sleep in a proper bed in a house, thanks Erlen and Andrew. Today we leave for Albuquerque-Santa Fe. Hope yall are enjoying the pics, thanks for commenting on the blog. c u soon
Love Christopher

Friday, October 26, 2007


Well, words are quite difficult to come by right now, seeing as the images don't do any justice to the intensity and beauty of the the earth. I've updated the site with a huge new gallery from the past three days in the backcountry and national parks of Utah! Zion, Bryce, Escelante, Capitol Reef and the backcountry in between to be exact. Chris' new vehicle has allowed us to reach places so remote that the only signs of human life were 1000 yr old cave dwellings from the Anastazi! I suppose that now is the time to explain that a huge chunk of the photos we're taking are shot from the moving vehicle (about 40-65 mph) so there isn't anything but a moment to capture our surroundings. These are quick compositions, instantaneous gasps of beauty before us that have moved us to attempt to save them forever. There is a reason why Utah! has an exclamation point after it. Enjoy. please leave some comments.

climbing a hoodoo.

can you see where we're camped? (right under the sun)!

oh, that beautiful road again!

that's right! we rock!

that's not much of a road we're driving on (bottom right corner)

we're driving down the side of the mountain! talk about a hairpin turn!


we're so far away.

there's petrified wood everywhere. amazing that we're really in what was an ocean!

the way to become one with the earth.

that's one bad ass bitch there! thanks sportsmobile!

the way to become one with the mountain.

how much does this rock?

that's one big ass tire there!

my feet were stained red from the sand in the last canyon. just around the corner, the environment is drastically different!

this is where we camped in the canyon where the ancient ruins were. you can kind of see them in the arch in the backround. awesome!

that's a hardworkin' man right there!